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I am having real difficulty setting up zones my building to be used for energy evaluation. I do not understand why but I keep getting uncovered parts for the zones when using slabs for the ceilings of rooms. For some reason the zones don't seem to recognize these slabs as a thermal boundary.

Would anyone be willing to look at my model and give me an idea of what I'm doing wrong??

Many thanks

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Despite being inundated with offers of help I was able find the problem thanks to stumbling on a comment made in another thread.

It turns out that zones for energy evaluation are sensitive to stories and that they must stay within one story and not overlap upwards or downwards into a different story.

I read the user document for Ecodesigner multiple times and this important point wasn't made very clear.
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Hi All,

Having defining zones (manual method), the energy evaluation function always reports problems with zones.
Does anybody have any ideas what can be the problems or has tips how to define zones appropriately?

I am trying to apply the recommendations below, however, need more help:

1. Always use Zone-Construction method to place zones.

1. Use line tool to divide the open zones.

1. Use Solid element operation to trim the zone to the roof

1. Switch zones from 3D window and check if you have modelled the zones correctly.

1. Use EE show uncovered zone option to check the zone status

1. If you have walls that goes to story below/above, make sure you have selected "All Relevant Stories" from wall selection settings window.

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Renovation tool settings also has an effect on zones for energy evaluation.
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