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energie model: roof not seen in zone as structural element

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Dear All,
I am struggling with the energy model. After creating a simple reference model model, 4 walls , slab and roof and after creating a zone, all objects are listed in the energy model structure overview. However this is with the exception of the roof.
Even after splitting the roof and cropping the zone to these elements, the roof items are not listed in the overview. As such doubt the energy calc will be correct.

I would be pleased if someone could advise how to solve my problem.
I have had a lot of trouble with zones. The first thing is to make sure the zone is exactly to the underside of the roof element - if it is a composite the the first layer. If flat roof, then link the top of the zone to the roof level and deduct the exact thickness of the roof. If the roof is not flat then you need to connect the zone through the Connect option in the contextual menu.
As an aside, I find that update zone through the selected zones works better.
But generally it is a very exacting process, and complex spaces are not easy. There are situations where I use lines on plan to help define areas. Also double check visually with the "Uncovered Areas" in the energy model review options... In any case, it is difficult to get it absolutely perfect. Definitely need a separate model for this exercise. Hope this is helpful.
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