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BIM server 18 slow send/recieve

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We are using mac, all work stations meet the spec requirements for AC18.
When new views are created in either the view map or project map other work stations (than the one the view was created from) struggle to receive the changes in a s/r operation.
I have read a couple articles with recommendations on speeding up s/r, none of the solutions I have found work. This seems to be linked in some way to the view map.
Any thoughts about what could make s/r more efficient? right now a send and receive with a single new view added to the view map can take up to 10 minutes on a small project.

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Just commenting for two reasons. First, we found today that sending changes, regardless of what is changed is fairly quick. Receiving changes however takes a minimum of 5 minutes, up to 30 minutes for major changes.
This is fairly consistent for all AC18 projects. All 17 projects function in teamwork as they should. We are at the point now where we are looking at saving back to AC17 for all teamwork projects.
I'm still hoping to get some kind of solution...

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