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BIMcloud Basic server inaccessible after update to 2019.3

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I recently downloaded the new BIMcloud updater for 2019.3 and ran the installer for our server. When prompted to install a new or update an existing software, I chose to update the existing BIMcloud Server we have been using since August 2018. When I was completed. My BIMcloud Manager was gone. I was unable to access the BIMcloud server at all. I could configure file locations and ports. I attempted to reach it via browser, but without the Manager, I was not able to.

When I reopened the installer, the update option was gone, and replaced by a repair option and the only available software to repair was the BIMcloud server I just updated. I chose to repair it. Still unable to access.

I went through the installer again and ended up attempting to install a new BIMcloud Manager. While this went well, I activated my BIMcloud Basic and attempted to link it to the current BIMcloud server I had. Upon further research, this appears to be a premium feature of BIMcloud, not available in BIMcloud Basic.

I can install a new BIMcloud server and BIMcloud manager at the same time and that appears to be the only way I can update. in doing this however, I am still unable to access all of the users, libraries, and projects located on my server I was attempting to update.

Am I going to be forced to purchase BIMcloud so that I can link a BIMcloud Manager to my BIMcloud Server? Is there any other way my server will be accessible? Or do I have to completely start from scratch and upload users and projects from backup files to the new server?

Anyone else struggle with this update? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Noemi Balogh
Community Admin
Community Admin
Hi Andre,

I'm afraid somehow you did an overwrite on your Manager with the update installer. However, let's try to save what you have now:

1. Check if your previous Manager is still existing. Check if the installation folder is available and has files. If yes, we can try to fix this Manager if you contact me in PM.

2. If you can't find, then installing a new BIMcloud is a good track. In this case it is enough to have a new Manager, and following this article, you can pair your existing Server: However, you will lose your users and roles created prior.

Kind regards,

Noémi Balogh

Community Expert, Admin

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