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BIMcloud troubleshooting checklist

Istvan Moharos

Situation: work on BIMcloud projects is seriously hindered, most of the clients (ARCHICAD) are affected.

  1. If Teamwork is working, but the performance is extremely slow with most of the users (or with all users), then close all ARCHICAD or limit Teamwork operations (do not send/receive/reserve/release), and wait at least 15 minutes. Then start an ARCHICAD and check Teamwork again.
  2. Use "Check Connections" (in version 18) or "Run Network Diagnostic" (from version 19) function in the "Open/Join Teamwork Project" dialog in an ARCHICAD.
  3. If there is a reverse proxy installed, restart the proxy.
  4. Check the available free space in the hard drive(s) where BIMcloud Server(s) is installed. Free at least 15 percent of the storage space.
  5. Check the available free space in the hard drive where BIMcloud Manager is installed. Free at least 15 percent of the storage space.
  6. Open BIMcloud Manager User Interface in a browser and login as masteradmin.
  7. Check BIMcloud Server(s)'s status under the "Servers" panel. If the status is "stopped" try to start the server module and wait at least 2 minutes, then refresh the browser window.
  8. Check the available licenses under the "Servers" panel.
  9. If licenses are not available, open CodeMeter and restart the CodeMeter Service in the computer where the licenses are stored. Wait at least 5 minutes.
  10. If licenses are not available, in case of CodeMeter hardware keys, unplug then plugin the keys. Wait at least 5 minutes.
  11. Open Task Manager (in Windows) or Activity Monitor (in OS X) and check the CPU/Memory/Network/Disk usage. If another application uses nearly all of the resources it is possible that this prevents BIMcloud's proper operation.
  12. Restart the services (in Windows) or launch daemons (in OS X) manually.
  13. Restart the server computer.
  14. If computer restart did not help, contact GRAPHISOFT Support!

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