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BIMx navigation to file via Model Transfer

Robert Nichols

I may be missing something, but I have no idea how to direct a client and give access to a BIMx file that's hosted up on my, whatever you call it - the BIMx model transfer "space". I know how to get a file there via publisher, but I can't replicate what a good experience would be for my client.


I guess I see that if I made a file public, they could click their way to the public interface and search on a term I provide, but that seems clunky, plus I have some clients whose projects can't just hang out in public internet space. What am I missing?

Mac Studio, 32gb ram, ArchiCAD v26 (Apple Silicon) MacOS 13

Robert Nichols

Hmm, maybe not so confusing. I just received via email a link to the cloud hosted BIMx model file. All is well, probably.


Mac Studio, 32gb ram, ArchiCAD v26 (Apple Silicon) MacOS 13

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