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Problem with release function in TW in Archicad 22

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There is an annoying problem with Release / Release all function in our Teamwork projects in Archicad 22.

My colleagues, but also myself have a problem that Archicad doesn't really release elements in the project when one clicks on the Release or Release all button in the Teamwork palette or in the menu.

So a person releases everything, goes home, and yet, there are his reservations still active in the teamwork and others have to kick him out from the project.
Even when it says in the actions in the Bimcloud manager that the person has released all and not reserved anything after that.
Noemi Balogh
Community Admin
Community Admin

I'm really sorry to hear about your issue.

Do you see any pattern or regularity that what kind of elements stay reserved in this case?

Also, is it happening with all users, or only with a few?

Kind regards,

Noémi Balogh

Community Expert, Admin

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There doesn't seem to be any clear pattern, or at least I haven't notice any.
I have noticed it on "loose" text fields on the plans and I think there might have been also some other 2D graphic - lines, polylines.

At first I thought it might be caused when the file was closed too "fast" before it had time to proceed the Release command, but then it was strange that the release command was registered among the action on the BIM Cloud Manager and yet the reservations were still active in the project.

So far are my colleagues aware of the problem and they just hit the release button several times before they close the file. Not ideal though, but we are planning to create a new TW file soon, so we'll see if that will resolve some of the issues.

But another thing that might be related is also the Send & Receive command before closing. I hit the the Send & Receive, try to close the file and get a message asking if I want to send the changes to the server. Even if I didn't do anything in between and I'm quite sure it had enough time to proceed the send command.

im having the same issue.  please help

@mpatino1981 wrote:

im having the same issue.  please help

With the 'same' issue to a nearly 4 year old thread... what version/build of Archicad?  What operating system? Which type of BIM Server - local, cloud or SAAS?  Etc.  Thanks.

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I am having the same issue as well.  We are on Archicad 21 WIN.  It is only happening with one of our employees.  They will hit release all but TW is still holding on to random items.  Is there a solution to this problem?

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