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Graphisoft BIMcloud Basic 24-25 stopped working

Karol Argasinski
Hi everyone!,

Recently I made an update for Windows 10 Pro, to 21H1 version. After that, BIMcloud Basic for AC25 was installed and configured. At the end none of BIMclouds works (Teamwork users can't connect). The only possible connection to BIMcloud Manager is through server. Did any of you Guys, has simmilar issue?

Kind regards,
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"none of BIMclouds" Is there just one or several? I am in a hurry, so here are some quick thoughts:

I would login into BimCloud Manager; Goto:
"Server" -> "BIMcloud (basic) Manager" -> Settings -> Connection Settings
"Server" -> "Server-YYYY-MM-DD" -> Settings -> Connection Settings
Press the "Test Button" each time

Maybe DNS isnt working.
- Check the PC-Name and make sure it does not contain spaces or exotic letters
- Check the PC's IP-Adress
- Make sure its a fix IP-Adress, note it down (like
- Check if in the settings above (Connection settings for Manager and Server) the correct PC-Name and Port is listed
Like: http://PC-Name:25000/
- Add an alternative Entry, but this time with the IP instead of the PC-Name
- Check if the Firewall is blocking Ports
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