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Java and ArchiCAD

Jeff Kogut
We just had some BIMServer headaches this morning and I would just like to remind everyone:

Step 1 to fix anything ArchiCAD: Update Java

A user created a Teamwork project a few days ago that several of us connected to and have been working in. Yesterday that user who created the project got a Java update prompt and installed it.

This morning none of us except him can connect to the project and we've spent an hour trying to figure this out until he says, "Does that Java update I installed yesterday have anything to do with this?"

GRRRRR! I instantly knew this was the issue. Turns out we were all using various versions of Java 8, but with 8v73 being the newest. We all updated and everything works fine.

90% of technical issues I've experienced with ArchiCAD have been Java related: slow installs, can't install updates, slow ArchiCAD start after an update, hotlinking plan issues, detail markers becoming unreferenced...all super annoying troubleshoots!
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