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Teamwork & BIMcloud
About Teamwork, BIMcloud, BIMcloud Basic, BIMcloud Software as a Service, network settings, etc.

License Manager & BIMcloud SAAS Issue




There has been some issued with both License Manager tool, and BIMcloud SAAS Team project in the studio.


  1. After finishing working Team work model for the day, updated modules in main file, sent/received changes and then released all before closing. During the process,  
    • everything froze on the computer
    • wheel on screen continued for over an hour and then overnight.
    • All work from the previous was not saved or updated.
  2. Over the past months there has been issues with uploading and downloading Software Keys, this week has specifically been much worse. 
    • Firstly, Uploading Software Key, gets stuck at number 1. 
    • After quitting and repeating the same process, it still gets stuck which I believe there is a problem with the server. 

Major concern in similar issues with the software key and Teamwork project occurs after 6pm during the weekday and frequently happens. 


I don't see why these issues are persisting and it's pretty frustrating. We shouldn't have these issues at all, specifically when our studio is at crunch time with a project and, working with such a program!


Can we have this issue resolved ASAP please? 






Update on problem.See attached image below. 94481790-873c-4fa5-89e2-b2343a65c2ce.jpg