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Teamwork bug sending and receiving



We have a shared project which is composed of 5 subparts in the model which are:






All of these are linked to a DOCUMENTATION model where all the plans to be printed are assembled, this also integrates AutoCAD plans.

We have been working like this for 4 months and until just 3 weeks ago we have been having problems sending and receiving, closing the program and without saving the changes; The sale of BUG appears later; It no longer opens the DOCUMENTATION file and the BUG appears again.

We have tried to solve the problem by increasing the intensity of the internet, uploading memories to the computers, graphics cards and yet the same problem persists. Do you have any possible solution to this? Likewise, where is the problem originating? It should be noted that we are working with a server and we are connecting with a VPN.

Kind regards,


Can you provide some additional information. 
Archicad version and hot fix number. 
BIMCloud version and type, basic, self hosted?

 Any addons you are using?


have you raised these issues with your local reseller?


when you say subparts, are these hotlinks into the documentation model? Are the suboarts each a negative story?

To clarify the sequence of events, a users tries a send, receive and archicad crashes? Which file is this in?  And then you are unable to reopen the documentation file? What error are given?


are all your users connecting to the BIMCloud server via VPN. What normal internet speeds are you getting? What is your internet service speed up and down in your office where I’m assuming your BIMCloud server is hosted?

You may want to investigate BIMCloud SaaS as this would remove the need for VPN connections. 

please provide as much detail as possible to allow other members to assist with your issue. Also we please add you archicad version into your signature for future reference. 

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