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When do we get properly highlighted messages in Teamwork?

Mats Knutsson

The message system in teamwork would be a good addition to internal project management but it's not possible to use since it shows no sign of activity. A colored highlight, a disturbing blinking or whatever that will caught the stressed Archicadder would do.



Yes, this is a really needed function to link the teamwork messages to the OS (WIN+Mac) notification system.
Because, at the moment, if you are not in AC, e.g. in a different app, you will not get noticed if someone sends a request.

Apple iMac Pro with macOS Sonoma, AC 5.0 to 27 INT and GER, all the latest

The messages are so subtle you'll likely miss them even if you are working in the project. Lame!


not that it makes a difference, but I mark all messages and requests as "High Priority!"
At least that keeps the message up until it is closed or responded to.

there's also that easter egg trick, adding a could spaces after the message adds a megaphone to the message border for added emphasis: 

Screen Shot 2023-10-12 at 11.42.56 AM.png

BIM solutions and trouble shooting (self proclaimed) expert. Using Archicad 26 5002 US on Mac OS 11.5.2


another thing I've noticed that really confuses me; a LOT of my clients running t/w files do not have the t/w pallet in their w/e. I'll never understand it! it's the easiest way to see those messages!
it's like working on remodel projects but not having the reno pallet as part of your w/e! it's just nonsense! there is an economy of screen space, then there's just plain insanity


BIM solutions and trouble shooting (self proclaimed) expert. Using Archicad 26 5002 US on Mac OS 11.5.2

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