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clone bimserver 18 projects

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Using: Bimserver 18
O/S: Windows 8.1 (non-server)

We would like to configure a failover server; How can I recreate all the projects, in such a way that they keep their original name? This so in case main server fails or needs maintenance, I can simply take the drives with the project data and stick 'em in the failover server. When creating a project, the underlying name (not the project title) is a random string of characters, that are unique. So, recreating each project starting with a dummy then putting the db back, is not an option.

Also, as a start I can simply clone the system drives from the main server, but that only works once and I would have to repeat the procedure every time a new project is created.

The included backuptool C:\Program Files\GRAPHISOFT\BIM Server 18\Bimcloud Server 18\TeamworkServerBackupTool is not working for us, so I am unable to backup the full module and then restore it.

Anyone has done this before?


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