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transitioning from BIMcloud Basic for 23 to BIMcloud Basic for 24

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Our office was using ArchiCad 23 Teamwork with BIMcloud Basic, and we're attempting to make the switch to ArchiCad 24 Teamwork with BIMcloud Basic. We set up a new server computer, we were all working on Teamwork 23 files and were going to switch them over, then all of a sudden, we couldn't send/receive/reserve/etc. anything we had done on the 23 files. Might not be that huge of a deal except now we can't sync up work for the same project. I tried to log in to our old BIMcloud server but it took me to our new one - it's like the old one completely disappeared. I know it's still somewhere out there, but I have no idea where it is or how to access it. Any help would be appreciated!
Just a blind guess: Check the Network Configuration

Do both Server have static IPs?
Are the IPs unique?
Do they have unique names?
Do they have the Ports configured properly?
While testing / investigating make sure they are not both running or connected to you network. This way you can avoid conflicts.
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Noemi Balogh
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Community Admin
Hi Vaughan,

You might configured the same ports for BIMcloud Basic for Archicad 24 what BIMcloud Basic for Archicad 23 used. I suggest to re-run the configurator of the new BIMcloud Basic and change the ports from 22000 and 22001 to another, unused port.

If you see no issue with the ports and other network settings what SeRohde mentioned (thank you for your contribution to the community!), I suggest to contact your local support with a BIMcloud Support Package. They can help you investigate if the old BIMcloud Basic is still accessible or not.

Kind regards,

Noémi Balogh

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