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ArchiCAD 19 having problems with rendering on a brand new PC

Erwin Edel
I think your attachments are missing, however consider the following:
- RAM has a big impact on being able to handle complex data. I would recommend at the very least 16 GB of RAM
- GPU has no impact on cinerender, it is all memory and CPU.
- polycount of your model is of interest, a very complex model might not render if the settings are very high
- brings us to settings: what render settings are you using?
- the 'grass' 3D surface applied to a fair bit of terrain will cause your render to crash in no time
Erwin Edel, Project Lead, Leloup Architecten

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Barry Kelly
Erwin wrote:
I think your attachments are missing, however consider the following:
I think this was actually a spam post as there was a link in the signature to something non-Archicad related.
The poster has been banned now.

Although the original question was seemed quite legitimate.
I did have a copy of it but unfortunately I have lost it (don't try to copy and paste two things at once!).
Basically they were having trouble producing a render with Cinerender in Archicad.
Erwin's answers are all good things to consider.

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