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Can't align a 3D texture on a cube26 object, is it possible?


I'm trying to align a 3D texture on a cube26 object in basic shapes of the Archicad 26 library but it wont work as the "align 3D texture" settings are greyed out.

Is it not possible on this type of object (it works on a slab btw)


thank you


What I've done is make an object (like a cube) lined up with the starting point of what I want the texture to line up with. Then in 3D, Document > creative imaging >align 3d texture, then pick the face of the cube. Works for me


What do you mean by "lined up with the starting point of what I want the texture to line up with"?

I am trying to make individual tiles for floors and walls that have an image that can be 
modeled but the image is always askew on the object

When I use slabs I can reset the surface origin but when I use the object I cant and it doesnt matter where its placed. See attached image



Texture origin within objects is set internally so unless it has been scripted with a user modifiable texture origin, you are stuck with what you get. You could try creating a custom object out of a slab that you have set the texture origin for with the "Save As Object..." option.


If you want, you could add the following to the 3D Script of the standard Cube object:

COOR{3}	2,	4,
	0,			0,			0,
	1 + A/2,	0,			0,
	0,			1 + B/2,	0,
	0,			0,			1 + ZZYZX/2

body 1

That should move the texture origin to the corner.




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thanks but thats too tedious, would be nice if the object was already set to be able to have the Origen reset like I can do with a slab, etc


I ended up making my image a seamless texture so I didnt have to worry about it going forward, seems the easiest solution at this point.

Thanks for all the replies