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Change 3D Explore keys


Many of us have a workflow where we bring our model into Twinmotion or Lumion, very often linking the models as we work.

Going back and forth, it becomes something of a hassle to switch between navigation keys, and (in my version of Archicad, the NOR version), I have to use the somewhat illogical [c] for down and [space] for up. Most other 3D software with keyboard and mouse navigation use [q] for up and [e] for down, which in all honesty makes a lot more sense.

Can we get the feature of choosing to change these keys? Or set [q] and [e] as standard?


Operating system used: Windows 11 23H2


I think it's always good to get extra customisation. [q] and [e] are pretty standard nowadays.


I personally like as it is though, these are rooted in FPS controls:
[c] is supposed to be for crouch
[space] is supposed to be jump


The benefit here is that you can press both easily while holding [shift] to sprint and moving with [w] [a] [s] [d]. 

The most annoying thing to me is changing your move speed, which is done with [+] and [-]. These buttons are very far from everything else. I have to take my hand off the mouse to change it. In something like Unreal Engine, you can adjust the speed simply by using the scroll wheel.

AC27 AUS, Windows 11, i9-13900KF, RTX3090, 128GB DDR5, 4k144 display

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