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Archicad license not found after install of update on Hardware Key and BIMCloud

Harvey Fontanilla

Our office updated the Hardware keys of Archicad 27. When we installed the update, everything ran fine. Since we usually install BIMCloud Basic Server every year for different versions on our Server PC, the new BIMCloud installer installed the newest CodeMeter version. After installation of the new CodeMeter, all of our client PCs cannot detect our Archicad license. 


Does anyone here also encounter this problem? We already asked for support from our local distributor and they provided emergency licenses for a while.


Our office does not have an IT guy but we were updating Archicad and installing different BIMCloud Basic servers every version change. This is the only time we encountered this problem.



We had a similiar problem. Our IT did finally solve it - i recon it had something to do with en/disabled firewall or network support by the new hardware key driver. It reseteted the former settings.

AC 6,5 - 25 - (27) | GER WIN


Hey, maybe this is the problem?

I suggest checking the Codemeter of the server PC to see if the Network Server function is enabled. You can quickly check it by clicking this link:



BIM Manager
DKO Architecture - HCM

Thank you. I opened the list of "Apps allowed through firewall" on the Server PC and found that CodeMeter was removed, maybe the installation removed itself on the list. When I added it and opened another PC without an emergency license, it detected the license and I even cross-checked it with CM WebAdmin. Thank you for giving me an idea.

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