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Network Licenses are no longer available after installing the latest Archicad/BIMcloud

Haris Matthaiou
With the release of Archicad 24 and BIMcloud 2020.2, CodeMeter Driver version 7.00 was included with the installations. One of the goals was to make a smooth transition from Single keys to NET keys. The difference between Single keys and NET keys is that NET keys can be shared and downloaded by different computers in the network. To avoid the unpleasant situation of a Single NET key stored on a machine being used by another machine on the local network, by default, Network Server and Remote Access to Webadmin features are disabled during CodeMeter Driver installation.
But, if this change interferes with your License Server setup, running the CodeMeter installer is the easiest and fastest process to re-enable these 2 settings. Fortunately, there is no need to install the whole CodeMeter driver again, as we can use the Modify function of the installer.
To start the CodeMeter installer, please navigate to Start > Settings > Apps. In the opened window, look for CodeMeter Runtime Kit in the list and select Modify.
Click Next in the installer dialog. Here, select Change to modify the features.
Make sure both options are set with "Will be installed on local hard drive".
Continue the process by choosing Next. The two options will be activated once the installer is done, and you can close the dialog with the Finish button. Network Server can be solely enabled by navigating to CodeMeter WebAdmin, under Configuration Server > Server Access, enable Network Server option.
On macOS, this issue doesn’t exist, the default installer should set everything correctly.

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