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DataSmith / AC25 / missing parts in twinmotion




I have installed twinmotion and the latest datasmith, when I imported the AC file I noticed some parts missing. They all have the same classification, same renovation filter, same layers, just perplexed on why only random parts did not transfer over. See attached image. Anything I am doing wrong?


Foti B.

PC Precison 5760, Xeon 11955, 64GB, Nvidia RTX A3000

I'm not sure I understand the problem.. What are you expecting to happen at step 3 that isnt happening? And when you say Epic was helpful - have they been able to solve the problem or not?

AC26 ARM // MBP M2 Max // Twinmotion | Corona | Rhino

I was trying to understand your previous steps

(if so, you can try a exporting a datasmith file and then linking it in TM. this usually fixes most problems.)   thats all.


Epic did help me solve the crashing, so twinmotion is back up and running, but the initial problem is still there, missing parts.



Foti B.

PC Precison 5760, Xeon 11955, 64GB, Nvidia RTX A3000

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