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Exporting a simplified 3D and Design Overrides (Design Options)




Before opening this topic, i found a similar question back in 2016 here


I would like to re-open a similar issue because there is a increase need for using simplified 3D models in the context of WEB3 like virtual reality, augmented reality, webgl and more


What i mean exactly is for a way to export or a way to switch between complex elements that have multiple layers or details and a simplified 3D massing. 


For example I would like to quickly switch between  composite walls and simple walls where the inner extra geometry is removed and you only have the bounding resulting contour mass.

Same logic for complex profiles.


Is there a workflow that allows this now? What i see is a feature similar to Graphic Overrides where you can have conceptual vs detailed views but applied for the 3D model.


This could mean  to have some kind of  design overrides, in fact this could be helpfull for tracking design options too!




This is a great idea that could be easily implemented by Graphisoft with Model View Options overrides.


I have applied this logic in several custom GDL object that I have programmed myself, where a complex profile is replaced by its bounding box, or another simplified profile with just the external geometry.

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