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Grass blades are not rendered if their number reaches the limit: 100 million

Arash Kiabayan

Affected version: all versions | Severity: workaround applicable


In case there is a mesh with grass surface, the 3D grass doesn’t appear on the mesh in the rendered image, when there are more than 100 million blades; however, it is set in the Surface settings and in the Rendering settings, too. If you render a small part of the mesh, it works fine.

This is an issue with CineRender by Maxon which is not capable to render all the blades due to the certain limitation to the count of the grass blades. This is a high number yet not enough.



Either decrease the Grass Channel/Density value in the material assigned to the mesh, this also results lower memory consumption, which is good for the machine itself as well, or if this workaround is not acceptable, then try to cut the mesh in several pieces and this also solves the issue. The grass blade count limit seems to be applied per object.

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‎2023-05-15 02:39 PM
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