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How to get a realistic concrete texture

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I am trying to render my design which is features a lot of concrete walls.
I am trying to get something that looks a bit like this. I'm assuming i need to create a new material? But I'm not really sure the best way to go about it. Thanks!

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Hello Jake!

You can use the Pre Installed Concrete Material "Surf Poured Concrete".
If you are new to ArchiCAD, here is a good way to make a new material. (This is done in AC12)
Find a good picture of a Concrete Wall on internet. Save it as a JPG File.
Load the material in Library Manager by dragging it from the left to the right in the Library Box and click "Done". Go to Options/Element Attributes/Materials. Duplicate the material that is closest to what you want to create, here "Surf Poured Concrete". Search for the material you just loaded into the Library.
In the end, go to "LightWorks Rendering Engine" and click on "Match with internal engine" to ensure your rederings will have the right picture.
Good Luck!
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Ingolf Sundfør, Bricklayer, Author of several Real Life Problem Solving Books for Archicaddicts in Norway.
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It's funny to see those concrete and block textures cause I'm the guy that made them about 12 years ago for a Graphisoft / Architectural record project. They made it into the standard library and now I see them all the time.

I just made a simple archicad slab at 4x8' and scaled some tie rod holes to look right and then took a 3d elevation of the object to get a single panel. I saved that image as a template and loaded it into photoshop and played around with filters and rubber stamping real concrete texture into it. I think I made the texture 2x2 panels for variety when tilling. You can do the same now with images from Google images.

Actually, I recommend for serious concrete textures.
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Dan! Thanks for those textures. IMHO ArchiCAD should come with 2 or 3 times as many built in.

It's true, Arroway are boss if you're using Artlantis, but probably money wasted if you're only using Lightworks in ArchiCAD. There are some free lower res texture sites worth a look: eg

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