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LightWorks rendering of wooden siding textures

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Hi there,

I'm rather new to ArchiCAD and am gradually getting the hang of the basics. However, I was wondering if someone could provide some advice on how to get a particular texture effect using LightWorks.

Basically, I'm trying to replicate the house in this gallery: (the house shown in the attached image). The thing I'm having trouble with is replicating the look of the timber siding. Using a texture I found on Flickr of all places, I've got the walls looking OK using the OpenGL engine. However, the surface when rendered using LightWorks appears rather fuzzy. It's almost as if the texture is being scaled down by an order of magnitude too much. I've tried playing with the scaling factors, but to no avail.

Any advice will be gratefully received.

Thank you.


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Hi Littlewing and welcome to the ArchiTalk,

Our friends from ACE (ArchiCAD Eas) have an interesting lightworks material library here.

Check it out and see if they have what you are looking for.

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Hi Braza,

Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, none of the download links in the post you referenced work any more. There seem to be archived copies available by torrent though - I'll give one a go.

Thanks once again.

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