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Photorealistic rendering combo - Maxwell, C4D, Vray?

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I see a few C4D & Maxwell threads here, but they are all a couple years old, so I've started a new one.

I've been getting interested in doing some photorealistic rendering lately (I used to do a lot of it in the old days before all these new apps), and I'm wondering what are some good approaches.

I've played with Maxwell. It looks very powerful. It seems like you can produce a great rendering using an AC model with Maxwell shaders. My concerns are mainly with adding landscapes, plantings and more sophisticated objects.

It seems like one needs to use some other applications or plugins to really get the best results. You could use ArchiTerra with archicad for landscape meshes.

But what about great looking trees & furniture? It seems like something like C4D would allow you to use xfrog plants and .obj objects. If going the C4D rout, maybe VRay makes more sense than Maxwell.

I'm a little overwhelmed here, and am very curious to hear from folks who have gotten into this a little deeper.
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Hi Sven

Whilst I don't have much experience in photorealistic rendering I've been drawn to gaming engines that offer real time rendering, lighting, environmental effects. The beautifully rendered "still image" has it's place but I find I am often walking my clients through my houses and environmental cues (beyond solar) would definitely improve the perception of a space.
What are your thoughts on this?