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Sun Study time stamp doesn't match configured date of study

Robert Nichols

I have a sun study set up, ask for study of 12/21/2021. I get a video result that seems to be correct, but the time stamp indicates 3/21/2021. Troubleshooting, I configure the study for different dates and never get the correct month (day and year are correct). I can't determine a pattern to the error nor am I sure at the moment if the time stamp is incorrect relative to these path shown, or if the stamp correctly identifies the sun path, but the sun path doesn't match sun study config.


Anyone seen this before?


Archicad 25 (3011)

Mac OS 11.5.2

Mac Studio, 32gb ram, ArchiCAD v26 (Apple Silicon) MacOS 13


Hi, I wanted to report the same issue with AC26POR (Windows) while using with Teamworks. I had to save the file locally, and it only worked after saving the study for the second time as suggested by Minh.

AC 26 INT & POR 4019
Windows 11


Also having this problem. Please fix. 


Hi All, 

This problem still exists but I was able to find a work around on mac Monterey, AC25.  

I was previously leaving the "sunrise to sunset" button on.  As soon as I actually set the times which I wanted to show (05.00 to 20.00) then all of a suddenI would get the sun study for the date I was setting.


However, like in previous posts I still had to run the same date twice in order for it to work.  i.e. the first sun study video still showed the wrong date but if I set it again to that same date then it shows up the second time I make the video.  


I hope this helps!  (although this kind of random hack needs to be fixed by graphisoft.  It'll be one of my first tests with AC27)

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