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I want to show light hardi shakes on the ground floor of my building. I took the existing wall exterior 08 - Cedar Shake texture into photoshop and lightened it to my paint chip color, then saved as a png with a different name.

Keep trying to load it as a material in both my materials area, as a library in a NEW TEXTURES lib, but nothing there a way to do this?

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I'm not clear from your description exactly what you are doing. The texture needs to be in one of your loaded libraries. Once you move it into the library you will need to reload it if the file is already open. You can also load it individually in the Library Manager, but this is not good practice.

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The ArchiCAD cedar shakes texture is the closest I can find for the actual texture, but the color sucks. I want the color lighter, with a hint of yellow. So I took the png file into photoshop and using the variations tool (found under Image-Adjustments-Variations) pulled the More Yellow tab until I had the color I wanted. Then saved it as a copy of the Cedar Shakes Texture in my Library-Textures folder...this doesn't seem to work, so I saved it as a new texture in my New Textures folder which I loaded when opening the file...this doesn't work either.

Can't I create my own textures with my own colors on them or are we stuck with the Green scalloped roof forever.

Karl Ottenstein
You're still not being clear. When you save it, it doesn't matter what library you save it into (as long as you save it into a loaded library). It does, however, matter that the name be different from any other png names in all loaded libraries.

After editing, and hitting RELOAD to reload your libraries, did you go into the Materials dialog and change the texture to reference the new file? If going for a LightWorks rendering, did you then click the "Match with Internal" button?

You can use any texture you want, so something mechanical is amiss, that's all. 😉

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I'm doing some Hardie shakes on a project right now. I went to their web site and downloaded a shot of the shakes that i used to make a custom texture.

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can we see how it turned out?

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