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How to optimize BIMx Hyper-models

Large, complex BIMx models can be difficult to open on mobile devices as these platforms don’t always have the sufficient hardware resources to handle the same files that work fine on desktop or laptop machines. This is one of the reasons we've devel...

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Unlimited 3D model size in BIMx

BIMx mobile applications have been rebuild from scratch based on a new 3D engine. This article describes the most significant improvement: the Data Streaming technology, emphasizing its benefits to your BIMx experience.The iOS app version already rec...

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White Models in BIMx

Our customers often ask how they can display their design in black and white in BIMx. There are two ways to achieve this. Use the built-in Shading option In BIMx mobile: go to Settings > Shading > Select Black and White in BIMx Legacy Desktop Viewer:...

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How to use the Smart Measure tool in BIMx

The Smart Measure tool will allow you to make precise measurements either in 2D or in 3D. It is available in the BIMx Mobile applications, and already part of the free function pack on both iOS and Android. Using the measure tool in 2D Open any 2D la...

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BIMx Known Issues with the latest Archicad

The absence of automatic emails of a successful Hyper-model publish to BIMx Model Transfer site Uploading Hyper-models directly from Archicad 25 does not send an automatic email about the successful publish to BIMx Model Transfer site. The email is s...

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How to transfer BIMx models to Android devices

Share the BIMx model on Graphisoft's BIMx Model Transfer Site Use Graphisoft's cloud service to upload, share and distribute BIMx models to your clients and other parties in the AEC workflow. Both the 3D only and the Hyper-model formats can be shared...

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BIMx News

BIMx Updates 2021 New BIMx for Android featuring a New 3D Engine 2021. July 07. - Android App version 2021.3557 A new version of the BIMx Android application has just been released today featuring a brand new 3D Engine, new free functions, redesigned...

BIMx License Types

In this article, you can find out about what functionality you will have access to in BIMx on different platforms, with or without a license, as well as what licenses you will need to export to BIMx format, or host your models on the BIMx Model Trans...

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