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make Param-O coder-friendly


I want to double click a GDL component in paramO and have the GDL IDE in front of my eyes.


I want that the GDL component has as many parameter/variables inputs as I want (currently only 4), each one showing it's name not a "A,B,C,D" mapping that makes not sense at all.


I want a param-O component that knows how to read XML/HSF files of a gdl object, and that prompt which parameter/variables I want to use as inputs of the param-O component.


I want a python component in param-O with a minimal python interpreter to write python code, that is able to read *.py files, executes python code and outputs the result of desired variables used in the python code.


Param-O shouldn't be only for users who don't want/can't learn to code GDL scripts.


Param-0 should have been an amazing addition to Archicad but it is severely undercooked! I have no idea why GS didn't build it to incorporate all GDL functions?? It's like it was only ever a 'proof of concept' and the fact that there users out there that want to use it to build objects, but can't due to its limitations, seems irrelevant to GS. Personally I think GDL has had its time and GS needs to rebuild Archicad based on a current 3D scene structure like USD. This lack of core development will unfortunately be the demise of Archicad (and other 'CAD' packages) in the coming decade.

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param-O, GHconnection and JSON Api should all be designed to boost GDL usage, not to ONLY offer alternatives.


All of them have great potential to do so, but seems (it cannot be the case, but it definitively seems) that GDL is out of Graphisoft's agenda.

I'm long time grasshopper user and coder and I do know, by experience and by shared experiences in the GH community, that visual programming and code excellently complement one the other: Visually its easy to construct the "architecture" of the logic. Code helps to prevent spaghetti monsters packing in a single component a particular piece of logic and also extending "out of the box" functionalities ( because of that, this particular wish, the possibility to extend param-O with "inside-component" GDL and Python scripts)


for the purist, the current GDL ide isn't also a great environment to develop complex logic. It's pre-Object Oriented scripting, with a terrible (from UX side of view) encapsulation system  i.e Macros