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All NCornia's Badges

NCornia has earned 12 badges!
  • Welcome
    Earned by 32,011
    Welcome to Graphisoft Community! Have a look around, check things out; and once you get going, you can earn more badges.
  • Icebreaker
    Earned by 3,286
    Bravo, you've created your 1st topic! Keep the conversation going!
  • Topic Starter 5
    Topic Starter 5
    Earned by 670
    You are becoming chattier! You've started 5 new topics so far, keep it up!
  • Responder
    Earned by 3,479
    It takes courage to start. Thanks for sharing your experience with others!
  • Responder 5
    Responder 5
    Earned by 1,087
    Congratulations on your 5th reply!
  • Responder 10
    Responder 10
    Earned by 734
    Great! You've replied 10 times already!
  • Responder 50
    Responder 50
    Earned by 304
    Wow! You've replied 50 times already!
  • Responder 100
    Responder 100
    Earned by 194
    Amazing! You've replied 100 times already!
  • Solver
    Earned by 450
    Hooray, your reply just became an accepted solution. Thanks for helping out!
  • Trendy
    Earned by 1,634
    Your content matters. Congratulations on your 1st like!
  • Archicad Talker
    Archicad Talker
    Earned by 15,876
    You are one of our Community pioneers! Thanks for being here since the early days.
  • Archicad Talk Star
    Archicad Talk Star
    Earned by 89
    Thanks for being a major contributor to the long and splendid story of Archicad Talk!