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Archicad AI Visualizer
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AI First impressions

Rafal SLEK

After a few hours of playing with AI Visualiser, it seems to me that it should definitely be described as an Easter Egg for Archicad 27 😁 A lot of fun and the job holds up😉  Something like Tetris for Curtain Wall!

MacBook Pro Retina 2019/2.4 GHz/Intel Core i9/32GB RAM/Radeon Pro 5500M 4GB/macOS 11.6/ArchiCAD 25vINT+POL/Maxwell Render 5.2/Twinmotion 2022.1
Qubits Building Sets

I am glad to see this upgrade to ArchiCAD, however this AI space is moving fast. Here is an example of these same images ( apologies to the Rafal for using the images ) after running them thru KREA AI.Villa01.pngVilla02.png

Vaclav Slovak

here are my attempts to use it for something meaningful. unfortunatelly it is fabulating too much. I had tried all different settings, but picutres were not satifsying. 

added random windows to walls, did not keep verticals etc. maybe in few months i will instal it again. at the moment its not worth 25 GB of HDD space. 


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