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AI Visualizer run.bat - nothing happens


Hello everyone,

I searched the forum for a while but cannot find anyone else facing the same problem...


I cannot get the ai engine to start through the ai visualizer palete. So I tryed to follow some tips from other users to execute the run.bat manually. When I do this, nothing happens. Shouldn´t some kind of cmd-console pop up? It shows maybe for a tenth of a second, but no longer and without effect.


I installed the latest version of python, I am running it as admin, I allowed windows defender to execute it, of course it is unzipped. What else can I do? Thanks for any help!


Graphics card is NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080.


As it is so often, you first have to ask to find the solution by some point I seem to have lost the folder ´webui´ in the sd.webui folder. Don´t know why and when. Copying the folder again to C: solved the problem and I am generating my first images now.

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