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TIP to run Stable in computers with 4-6GB VRAM

  • For windows:
    If you don´t know what video card you have
    Open CMD
    Put  this
    wmic path win32_VideoController get name
    And you get the name of your video card
  • Open webui-user---- select file -rigth click - edit-
    And write this in comand arg:
    --xformers --autolaunch --lowvram --precision full --no-half --skip-torch-cuda-test
    git pull
  • Now close and save.




  • In stable web console click in Settings
  • Select Upcast cross attention layer to float32
  • and select generator source- i use GPU
    GPU= any videocard
    CPU= Only CPU
    NV= For NVIDIA videocard

  • Now apply settings to save.

With all these configurations I have been able to make it run stable, but what I have not been able to do is get Archicad to connect properly. Starts the engine, but does not connect. So I have directly tested the console and I share with you some results that I obtained directly. What you may notice is that the size of the image influences the realism you want to obtain.
Hey stable diffusion works offline.... it´s awesome.




Examples using directly web console- with txt2img


Marco Milazzo

Working fine for me too !!! Thanks !! Ive the same problem, integration with archicad not working.

I saved the archicad model image PNG and opened in img2img option... 



Marco Milazzo

I am getting terrible results... very poor, ugly, low details, no background... nothing looks like my prompt..

same here, very bad results.

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