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Archicad C++ API
About Archicad add-on development using the C++ API.

C++ add-on


Hey everyone!  I'm trying to develop an add-on for archicad 26, I've downloaded devkit 26, vs code, archicad 26(demo version), cmake, and python. I tried to do the exact same thing from here: but after generating the project with the cmake list provided I encountered a problem with inclusions of "APIEnvir.h", "ACAPinc.h", "ResourceIds.hpp", "DGModule.hpp". 

I'm new to c++ and archicad, so there may be some things I did not understand properly.

If there are video materials or ready example add-on somewhere on github, I would be more than happy to have a look.

Thanks in advance!


Joel Buehler

haha so many newcomers. love it 😃 

when the inclusions dont work, you have to asume that the cmake creation process did not went trough. 

i made a little step by step guide if you work with windows.

if you need help to bake the perfect cmake command, just write


i also had to start with c++ for the plugin development. a few tipps:


- test out low level stuff in a little console application,  easy stuff with objects and classes etc. 

- realy realy check out the examples, they are very helpfull. look specially on the style of those. some have a very c-heavy coding style, others are more in line with java & c# i found the one with a high level coding language style the most usefull. 

- it helped me a lot go trough examples like the maze generator step by step and comment evrything they do in my own words


hope that helps a little


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