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Composite Wall area difference with Door before and after adding to Design Option

cad developer


problem statement: the property 'API_CompositeQuantity.projectedArea' for a wall composites is giving two different values before and after when the wall with door is added to design option. 


Example case: One generic of 50 mt2 area is created. A door of 2mt2 area is added to it. Now the above 'API_CompositeQuantity.projectedArea'(api) will give Wall Composite Projected Area: 48mt2 and Door Nominal Area: 2mt2.


Now both wall & door(by selecting the wall) is added to a design option, above api will give Wall Composite Projected Area: 50mt2(door area not deducted) and Door Nominal Area: 2mt2.


This is not an expected behavior. This issue is repeating a test only when the door is added to design option and wall not added.


Additional Information: 1. For wall this is the same issue with Wall-Window and Opening.

2. Element and Component Schedule is giving the correct values before and after adding to design option.

3. This is also happening to other elements Slab, Roof from our testing. 


Please help with any solutions or suggestions for this issue. It would be also helpful if you could suggest an alternate way.


Thanks & Regards




This seems to be a bug, I entered a ticket to our system, refer to DEF-17243 ticket ID when contacting support for updates.

Sorry for the inconvenience



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