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Graphisoft Resource Compiler #include not working

Sam Karli


chemistry just doesn't work between Resource Compiler and me.

I have a PolygonReducer_Resource.h, including:


#define APP_NAME "PolygonReducer"


I have a PolygonReducer.grc including


#include "PolygonReducer_Resource.h"
'STR#' 32520 "Prompt strings" {
/* [ ] */ "@APP_NAME@"
/* [ ] */ "@APP_NAME@"
/* [ 1] */ "@APP_NAME@"


and I have quite a default command line to convert it:


<Command>"$(APIDevKitSupport)\Tools\Win\ResConv.exe" -m r -D WINDOWS -T W -q utf8 1252 -i "RINT\$(ProjectName).grc" -D _DEBUG -o "$(ConfigurationName)\$(ProjectName).grc.rc2"</Command>


And the result is that @APP_NAME@ ist not substituted.

Where can be the error? Any tips for debugging it is welcome. Target version is AC19 btw.

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