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How to use Graphix Modules to export 3D model preview picture?

Hi,I wrote a model import plugin, and now I want to generate a preview image in the dialog box when reading the external model geometry data。I found that the Graphix module can implement it, but there is no help document or demo example, has anyone used this module?
Ralph Wessel
Documentation is very thin for this - we had to experiment for quite a while to get what we wanted, but it works well. Start by looking at the documentation for NativeImage first.

The example code is the most helpful. There are examples in DG_Test in the functions DrawMyPict and OwnerDrawnListBoxPalette::UpdateTab1. Also possibly UserItemDialog.cpp in the example Override_Test.
Ralph Wessel BArch
Hi Ralph,
What you said is not able to render a 3D picture,Because I directly read the external model information to generate a preview image,So it may not be useful to find the AC API。Now I am trying to use the function inside glew.h with Graphix module.
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