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Website for Archicad Add-Ons/Scripts?


Hey Everybody,


I was just wondering if there is any website similar to Food4Rhino where you can upload your Add-Ons or Python scripts for Archicad? Maybe it's completely obvious, but I already googled this a couple of times, and the only things that I found were not exactly what I was looking for:  BIMComponents seems to only provide GDL Objects, meanwhile, the Graphisoft website only links the "official" list of Add-Ons, nothing community-developed - with the exception of one Python script by Ben Cohen.


It could be interesting to have a place to showcase your work and maybe help out others at the same time. Maybe there are a lot of problems that were already solved by some dedicated developers, but there is no way of distributing these tools. Rhino and Grasshopper for example benefitted tremendously from such a website,

Karl Ottenstein

What doesn't work about uploading a zip file as an attachment here?


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@Karl Ottenstein is this a joke?


@Szaby  good news:


we will get a Add-On Store:




I hope that the store has also the possiblity to share Python Scripts and Interfaces Documentation. 

Yes, Karl, while you are right, it is super easy to upload a file as a zip attachment, but I think we should have an "app store" like platform, where we can look for and find the scripts we do need. This post will get quickly full of zip files if everybody would start sharing them here!

Nice, I did not know about this! Thanks a lot, it looks promising!

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