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model generated from external XML file?

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Hello all,

Is there a way to building an AC model based on info attained from an external XML file. If so, what programming/scripting language does ArchiCAD employ to achieve such need?

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ArchiCAD does have XML capabilities, but I am not too familiar with them. Why do you ask? Do you have a particular need? This is an odd way to post a wish list item.
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Hello Matthew,

thanks for your response.
I ask because I am currently experimenting with form generating algorithms, using adobe flash technology. The resultant form, can be described/stored in XML format. I would like to (somehow) feed that XML file to ArchiCAD to produce architectural representation.

Such process could be achieved with SketchUp, I am now wondering if I can eliminate SketchUp, and do everything in ArchiCAD.

Regarding the oddness of the post.
Sorry, I was confused. I learned that this was a wish list section only after I have posted.
Karl Ottenstein
I've moved this thread into the Developer Forum where it belongs.

Karl (in moderator mode)


But, in response, this can be done either via GDL - in which case the model would be a single monolithic GDL object when finished - or via the API in which case individual building elements can be created.

Personally, I would think it could make more sense to write a script that converts the XML into an IFC file?

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thanks Karl for addressing my miss post.

I have looked up IFC building model at:

I would like to look into this a bit more.
Do you have any suggestion as how get started with writing IFC files?

thanks for your suggestion
Karl Ottenstein
Sorry, no. Haven't looked at the IFC spec.

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Much of the work done by ONUMA & Associates utilizes a similar technology.

To be honest, that's as much as I know...

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