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[newbie] how about 'hello world'

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When I wrote my introduction to the forum, Karl said
Looking at the PDF link that you posted, I think you're in for some "fun", Tor Jørgen! Welcome!
I'm glad for the welcome, but I worry that maybe I'm in over my head - I guess thats where the fun starts...

I'll just wait with the questions connected with my project and start really simple;

- in most of the languages I've looked at, there's always an example of how to write the simple 'hello world'-snippet. How do I do that in an addon?
- and then how does the real workprocess go, I'm thinking of debugging and setting breakpoints and beeing able to step through the code to see what happens where, and why... and how is the interaction with ArchiCAD?

Tor Jørgen
Karl Ottenstein
stefan wrote:
I've opened an old VS2003 solution inside VS 2005 and with some tinkering, I was able to compile and run it.
So, perhaps the wizard files that I posted, copied from the VS2003 installation, will work with VS2005? (It appears that the installer will only install them into the VS2003 folder.)

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Thank You Karl.

Your blank solution is great i Will use it as template if I will not be able to run wizard in VS2005. Unfortunately installation option is invisible if You don't have VS2003 installed.

Thanks again

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