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JSON Parser ObjectValueRef and ObjectValue meaning?

Mihalcea Bogdan
The GET request I am trying to parse
Hi! I am trying to parse and traverse a JSON file from the link above.
After I successfully make the connection it is parsed and ready to do whatever I want with the Object.
I just don't know what to do... what kind of object is this? Is there any in depth documentation about this parser?

JSON::JDOMParser jParser;
JSON::ValueRef parsed = jParser.Parse(clientConnection.BeginReceive(response));
	JSON::ObjectValueRef obj = GS::DynamicCast<JSON::ObjectValue>(parsed);
	GS::UIndex idx = 0;
	GS::UniString name = obj->GetName(idx);//This gets me the value "results" as it should
	bool isObj = obj->IsObject();//true
	JSON::ValueRef resultsRef = obj->Get("results");//If I DBPrintf this it ouputs "Array"
I don't fully understand how to "navigate" or "read" the parsed Object. I didn't found any documentation about the JSON Parser below
Can you please help me with some ideas how to traverse this JSON object?

Thank you!

Mihalcea Bogdan

using namespace HTTP::Client;
	using namespace HTTP::MessageHeader;
	using namespace GS::IBinaryChannelUtilities;

	JSON::JDOMParser jParser;
	IO::URI::URI connectionUrl("");
	ClientConnection clientConnection(connectionUrl);

	Request getRequest(Method::Get, connectionUrl);

		"Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/77.0.3865.90 Safari/537.36");

	Response response;

	//Parse the top object of the JSON File
	JSON::ValueRef parsed = jParser.Parse(clientConnection.BeginReceive(response));
	JSON::ObjectValueRef obj = GS::DynamicCast<JSON::ObjectValue>(parsed);
	//Get the array named results into arrValRef
	GS::UniString atName = "results";
	JSON::ArrayValueRef arrValRef;
	obj->GetMandatoryMember(atName, arrValRef);

	//Get the first and single item of the array
	JSON::ValueRef first = arrValRef->Get(0);
	//Parse it again into an ObjectValueRef
	JSON::ObjectValueRef resultsObj = GS::DynamicCast<JSON::ObjectValue>(first);
	//debug so I can be sure what it is
	DBPrintf("Size of reultsObj is %u\n", resultsObj->GetSize());

	DBPrintf("Type of resultsObj[2] is %s\n", resultsObj->GetName(2).ToCStr().Get());

	//Get the third element from results array : "value" this is an object
	JSON::ValueRef valuesRef = resultsObj->Get(2);
	//Parse it into a ObjectvalueRef
	JSON::ObjectValueRef valuesObj = GS::DynamicCast<JSON::ObjectValue>(valuesRef);

	//Get the array I wanted finally, the features array containing information about cities
	JSON::ArrayValueRef fieldsArray;
	valuesObj->GetMandatoryMember("features", fieldsArray);

	//Iterate trough the "features" array
	for (unsigned int i = 0; i <= fieldsArray->GetSize(); i++) {

		//Debug to be sure that the correct one is selected
		DBPrintf("Working %u times\n", i);

	/*GS::IChannelX channel(clientConnection.BeginReceive(response), GS::GetNetworkByteOrderIProtocolX());

	DBPrintf("HTTP %u\n", response.GetStatusCode());
	DBPrintf("Received data: \n");

	GS::UniString body = ReadUniStringAsUTF8(channel, StringSerializationType::NotTerminated);
	GS::Array<GS::UniString> lines;
	body.Split("\n", GS::UniString::KeepEmptyParts, &lines);
	for (GS::UniString& line : lines) {
		DBPrintf("%s\n", line.ToCStr(0, MaxUSize, GSCharCode::CC_Legacy).Get());
	DBPrintf("Read %u characters, %u lines \n", body.GetLength(), lines.GetSize());*/

Mihalcea Bogdan
All of my entries should have been objects (79 objects)
The objects structure is like this:

"attributes": {
              "OID": 2,
              "ADMINISTRATIVEUNITID": 1213,
              "UAT": "Aiud"
The JDOMParser gave me some inconsistent results as shown bellow.
Type of fieldsArray[0] is: Array
Type of fieldsArray[1] is: String
Type of fieldsArray[2] is: Unknown
Type of fieldsArray[3] is: Bool
Type of fieldsArray[4] is: Unknown
Type of fieldsArray[5] is: Unknown
Type of fieldsArray[6] is: String
Type of fieldsArray[7] is: Unknown
Type of fieldsArray[8] is: Unknown
Type of fieldsArray[9] is: Unknown
Type of fieldsArray[10] is: Null
Type of fieldsArray[11] is: Unknown
Type of fieldsArray[12] is: Bool
Type of fieldsArray[13] is: Unknown
Type of fieldsArray[14] is: Unknown
Type of fieldsArray[15] is: Null
Type of fieldsArray[16] is: Unknown
Type of fieldsArray[17] is: Unknown
Type of fieldsArray[18] is: Object
Type of fieldsArray[19] is: Array
Type of fieldsArray[20] is: Unknown
Type of fieldsArray[21] is: Null
Type of fieldsArray[22] is: Object
Type of fieldsArray[23] is: Unknown
Type of fieldsArray[24] is: Bool
Type of fieldsArray[25] is: Unknown
Type of fieldsArray[26] is: Unknown
Type of fieldsArray[27] is: Bool
Type of fieldsArray[28] is: Unknown
Type of fieldsArray[29] is: Unknown
Type of fieldsArray[30] is: Bool
Type of fieldsArray[31] is: Unknown
Type of fieldsArray[32] is: Unknown
Type of fieldsArray[33] is: Bool
Type of fieldsArray[34] is: Unknown
Type of fieldsArray[35] is: Unknown
Type of fieldsArray[36] is: Bool
Type of fieldsArray[37] is: Unknown
Type of fieldsArray[38] is: Unknown
Type of fieldsArray[39] is: Null
Type of fieldsArray[40] is: Unknown
Type of fieldsArray[41] is: Unknown
Type of fieldsArray[42] is: Object
Type of fieldsArray[43] is: Unknown
Type of fieldsArray[44] is: Unknown
Type of fieldsArray[45] is: Null
Type of fieldsArray[46] is: Null
Type of fieldsArray[47] is: Unknown
Type of fieldsArray[48] is: Bool
Type of fieldsArray[49] is: Unknown
Type of fieldsArray[50] is: Unknown
Type of fieldsArray[51] is: Unknown
Type of fieldsArray[52] is: Unknown
Type of fieldsArray[53] is: Unknown
Type of fieldsArray[54] is: Bool
Type of fieldsArray[55] is: Array
Type of fieldsArray[56] is: Unknown
Type of fieldsArray[57] is: Bool
Type of fieldsArray[58] is: Object
Type of fieldsArray[59] is: Unknown
Type of fieldsArray[60] is: Unknown
Type of fieldsArray[61] is: Unknown
Type of fieldsArray[62] is: Unknown
Type of fieldsArray[63] is: Unknown
Type of fieldsArray[64] is: Unknown
Type of fieldsArray[65] is: Unknown
Type of fieldsArray[66] is: Object
Type of fieldsArray[67] is: Unknown
Type of fieldsArray[68] is: Unknown
Type of fieldsArray[69] is: Unknown
Type of fieldsArray[70] is: Unknown
Type of fieldsArray[71] is: Unknown
Type of fieldsArray[72] is: String
Type of fieldsArray[73] is: Unknown
Type of fieldsArray[74] is: Unknown
Type of fieldsArray[75] is: Unknown
Type of fieldsArray[76] is: Unknown
Type of fieldsArray[77] is: Unknown
Type of fieldsArray[78] is: Number

Mihalcea Bogdan
I found an interesting folder ... I think I solved my problem:
C:\Program Files\GRAPHISOFT\API Development Kit 24.3009\Support\Modules\RapidJSON
I will try to make it run now on other PC.

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