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3Dconnexion Spacemouse Inverted Rotation Controls in BIMx Interior Navigation

Josh Verran

This may be more of a question that I should direct to the manufacturer but I thought I'd try my luck here.

I use a 3dconnexion Spacemouse.

When navigating around a BIMx model, for some reason, when I enter the building, the rotation controls invert.
I'm thinking that, the only way the software could distinguish what is inside/outside, is that there is a zone I have entered when moving in.
In Archicad the mouse has two modes; camera and object.

Perhaps somehow there's a similar difference in BIMx?


Tricky to capture in a recording but you can see the camera movement change as soon as it enters what would be the room zone.


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Emre Senoglu

It's cool that you can now 'use' a 3d mouse for navigation inside BIMx. However it seems to me that the implementation of it is very 'rough' at the moment. Here's my experience so far:

-No support for MacOS, so thats quite a big minus to begin with.

-The inversion happens even on the outside. I can't quite understand what triggers it, but you're right in that it definitely happens when nearing geometry.

-3d connexion probably has nothing to do with it, so it wouldn't be much use getting in contact with them. I'm thinking this is on the BIMx development team.

-If the controls were inverted all the time, you could have fixed it inside the 3dconnexion settings (their own app). However this is not the case. I can't seem to find any controls regarding the 3dconnexion devices either. Inverting the axis does not seem to affect the spacemouse navigation.


At this point it almost feels like the development team didn't have a test unit to try out the controls. Maybe it wasn't intentional to put 3dconnexion support to BIMx?


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Even in Archicad itself the 3dmouse never worked really that smooth. It's definitively on GS to change that.

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