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BUG: 2D navigation using SpaceNavigator in hotfix 5019

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Firstly, it's just awesome that GS added 2D navigation for SpaceNavigator in ArchiCAD 17. So, firstly, thanks GS for that!


This is in the Hotfix 5019 release notes:

156759 USER INTERFACE: Navigating in 2D using 3Dconnexion Space Navigator worked in wrong direction.

What on earth were GS thinking?
Now, after Hotfix 5019, I pull up on the knob to zoom in... push down to zoom out... push left to navigate right...push forward to navigate down the document!!!! This is counter-intuitive, and all wrong for me.

This is the complete reverse of the 3D window in Camera mode, which is the way I always, and have only ever used it.

It appears that GS have made the 2D navigation work the same way as Object mode, but have failed to realise that users may actually use the Camera mode, and be used to a completely different orientation.

GS should make the 2D navigation work the same way as whatever way the user has selected in VIEW > 3D NAVIGATION EXTRAS > 3DCONNEXXION. That way, users can choose which way they prefer, without GS having to add any extra interface elements.

1) Go into your SpaceNavigator control panel, and reverse the operation of all 6 axis, in its ArchiCAD profile. 2D navigation in AC will now work as expected.
2) In AC, select OBLJECT MODE from VIEW > 3D NAVIGATION EXTRAS > 3DCONNEXXION menu. Now, in the AC 3D window, with the axis' reversed, it should act like it was in CAMERA MODE.
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And if you're a SpaceNavigator user, and you're finding that the 2D window is too fast when the 3D navigation is at the perfect speed for you, take a look and vote for my wish to fix it, in this post here : Separate nav. speeds in 2D & 3D windows for SpaceNavigator

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