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BIMx 3D Cut view graphics issue in android mobile


Not able to view BIMx model clearly, mainly for 3D cut views, in android device (Samsung S21+ smartphone as well as in Samsung Tablet S6 Lite).


Please review attached screenshot, hope there is solution for the same.


Also, model exported with 3D view set to "Global Illumination for Realistic Shading" crashes in tablet when selecting open 3D view.


The same model we are able to view and navigate without any problem on Windows Desktop Viewer.


Roland Szabo

Hi, I suggest checking if the project is not far from the origin. If it doesn't help, I kindly ask you to reach out to us at and send the affected model. We'll do our best to resolve the issue.

Roland Szabo
BIMx Product Manager

Thanks Ronald,


Our model is not far from project origin. We have been facing this graphics related issue in 3D cut views in BIMx mdoel on android smartphone & tablet in all our tested models.


As a solution, we are able to view models with clean graphics in BIMx Legacy app, but not the latest BIMx app.

Roland Szabo

Thank you for the reply.

Please contact our Technical Support Team at and send an affected Hyper-model and the relevant Archicad project in .PLA file format. We'd like to investigate this issue further and provide a solution.

The legacy app is an alternative, however, it'd be great to find out why this issue occurs in the renewed Android app (FYI, we just enhanced its visual quality with real-time shadow casting).

Roland Szabo
BIMx Product Manager

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