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BIMx any plans for integrations ?

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I was trying to convince myself to BIMx for the 684th time(I even paid for it when it was Virtual Building Explorer).

The concept is great and It has huge potential but...

But there are 3 different version with different functionalities and capabilities:
Desktop - Can handle Big models but doesn't allow to view drawings
App - When the model is bigger it usually crashes when one tries to view drawing
Web - It can handle quite big models and drawings... but it doesn't link to docs in model

This is very inconvenient and actually, prevent us to use it in the office as the main presentation tool...

For example, we are doing a big presentation next week on the big screen so we have to use the Desktop version because of the size of the model and resolution. We wanted to give app model as a handout to meeting attendees but those models have to be prepared in a different way to show for example story in 3D.

My question is: Does Graphisoft plans to unify BIMx in one coherent presentation solution in reasonable time?
Gyuri Nyitrai
Definitely, our vision is a unified and coherent BIMx product line for BIM model visualization which is open and able to connect to server and cloud solutions like BIMcloud.
Currently we are working on the BIMx Lab app (full functional big models with drawings on mobile) and the next release of the BIMx Web Viewer (full functional big models with drawings on the web) and later these technologies will be used to renew the BIMx Desktop Viewer too.

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Thx Gyuri for respond. I'm glad you are working on it. Because when BIMx will work as a unified app it will be a very strong presentation solution. Could you specify timeline a bit? Is it a matter of few months, up to a year or few years?
Our 684th attempt, unfortunately, end up with renderings and PDF presentation so we are really looking forward to an update.
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