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BIMx layers


Is there any chance that BIMx can handle layers in the near or distant future? Most customers ask this back. After a no answer, it asks me to send the model in IFC. I think this would be essential, both because ArchiCAD uses it and because the dumbest IFC viewer can.


Never really understood the point of BIMx seeing how little of the BIM gets through - criteria based visibility and graphical overrides should definitely be an integral part of an AC viewer ( as it is for many IFC viewers). I imagine there is some real potential regarding this for a native viewer and that I could give AC a real edge. Which stands in contrast to the realtime visualisation aspect which any native solution seem like a waste.

Roland Szabo

Hi, I'm happy to let you know we started working on element visibility control by Layers in the 3D model. Do you see any problem if your clients can also hide elements in BIMx with your Layers? Would you switch to another Layer Combination in BIMx considering that usually not all elements are included in the 3D model, only what's on the 3D Views' original Layer Combination?

Roland Szabo
BIMx Product Manager

I thought I was imagining things! Yes, please, can we have layer visibility back! As well as showing the client how their model is built layer by layer, it's so useful to explain to other project partners how the layers/objects appropriate to their role relate to all the others. For example, explaining to groundworks how big the hole in the ground will be and where the foundations will go, while hiding the rest of the building, or to building services engineers how ducts need to weave around the structure, made possible by hiding walls or floor layers. 

If the question is about which combination of foils should be visible if there are several 3D models, then obviously the one for the given 3D model. The others should not be displayed or should be greyed out. If bimx also included foils and it was possible to transfer foil combinations from ArchiCAD, then there would be no need for more 3D models. The reason I save several models now is to replace the ability to turn off foils.

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