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Dark Hypermodel

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I've been having issues with the quality of hypermodels when viewed through the browser. Compared to viewing a hypermodel in the bimx app, in the browser the models are extremely dark. However, if I render with global illumination, the problem is solved but it takes far too long to upload. I was hoping some people knew some ways to improve the lighting quality.
Daniel Kovacs
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni

I am afraid this is "normal". The web viewer uses a much simpler 3D engine than the Mobile Apps at the moment, so it might act a bit differently. I have tested this with some simple models on my computer as well, but for me they looked almost identical on all platforms, so I think it might also be related to the Hardware (e.g. the GPU). You can check the same model out on different computers and see if it makes a difference.

Currently we are focusing our efforts on the mobile platforms to develop a new 3D engine (you can test the new engine in the BIMx Lab App on iOS), but we are planning to implement the engine and the features in the desktop versions as well in the future. This new engine will generate the lighting effects on the fly, so it won't require a long Global Illumination calculation during export.

Daniel Alexander Kovacs

Professional Services Consultant


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