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Global Illumination stops at 35%

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I have a model that is fairly detailed, 272,365 KB. When I try to save the Bimx Model the global illumination stops at 35%. Is there a problem with my software or the model? I am using a fairly complex mesh for the site. Could that be the problem? I would like to demonstrate the Bimx model for the clients. Thank you in advance.

At the moment BIMx global illumination does utilize only one processor core. For us, at the moment, with our recent projects, it takes a little too long a day/night to render.

We have opted out of the GI render for now, and we just turn it off. After that, BIMx creation will take only minutes or so. It doesn't look so good, but we have to present/deliver the model.

btw. Cinerender does utilize cores better. GI is a must there.
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