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Restore original saved 3D view

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Is there a simple way to get back to the original 3d view? For instance, I have launched an exported view from the list on the left, navigated in 3d to a different part of the model, and maybe opened a section in 3D. If I want to get back the the original view, the only way I have found to reset it is to open a different view then open the view I wanted. Pretty cumbersome when I'm presenting to clients.

If you navigate in your model (without switching to another views in view map or changing perspective to isometric) - you can go back to original view by using "previous zoom" button - next to zoom button in the left lower part of screen.
You also can save your preferred view into view map - having set of views than you can easily navigate between them. You also can set cameras, calling them, for example, apartment 1, apartment 2, exterior views, ground floor and similar. When you save camera set into view map, you can rename cameras. Then you are getting entry called "Apartment 1" with following cameras, named by rooms: "bathroom, kitchen, corridor".
It's a very good feature - to use cameras, because after you can export your cameras into BIMx and they will appear there too, as gallery entries.

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