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Unable to connect to BIMx Model Transfer site - Archicad 27 (Build 3001 INT EDU, Apple Silicon)



I am unable to upload BIMx on model transfer site. According to the error message shown below, I have checked my settings. My firewall is turned off. I am using MacOS Sonoma on my M1 Max MacBook Pro. Is there some issue related to BIMx website maintenance?



Shrutiniwas Sharma


Oleksandra Vakariuk

Dear Shrutiniwas Sharma,


The BIMx Transfer Site is currently up and running smoothly. We have not received any reports from other users over the weekend either. If you still experience this issue, please contact us at for further assistance.


Kind Regards,

Oleksandra Vakariuk

Technical Support Engineer

Thank you Oleksandra Vakariuk,


I have checked once again. BIMx transfer site is able to connect when using Archicad 26. However, when trying it with Archicad 27, the network error occurs... Please let me know, if I can change any setting or do anything on my system.

Oleksandra Vakariuk

Thank you for the quick reply. I received the same error trying to connect to the site in Archicad 27 with an educational license. I have reported this issue to our developers and I'll let you know once it's fixed. In the meantime, as a workaround, you can save the model locally and then upload it to the BIMx Transfer Site.

Thank you for your understanding and sorry for the inconvenience.

Oleksandra Vakariuk

Technical Support Engineer

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